Sedation Dentist St. Charles

Sedation dentistry in St. Charles

Sedation dentist St. Charles

Sedation dentist St. Charles

If fear and nervousness have you avoiding the dental work you need, you can benefit from sedation dentistry. We are pleased to offer to options, so that depending on your preferences, you can feel 100% comfortable. Conscious sedation means you’ll be awake and aware of what’s going on, but relaxed and not experiencing anxiety. Or you can choose expertly administered IV sedation here at Pro Dental Concepts. You’ll be asleep and not realize what is happening with regard to your treatment.

Our sedation dentist in St. Charles takes your concerns seriously. Never work with a dental office who think you should just “get over it” or who dismiss or belittle how you feel. In addition to helping nervous patients, this method is also good for those who are fidgety or who are having several teeth worked on in the course of a single session. To determine which way you want to go, come in for a consultation with our sedation dentist in St. Charles. The goal is for you to be fully confident that you are making the ideal choice of sedation for your situation and your unique needs and requirements. Both conscious sedation and IV sedation are done with the high level of expertise and experience that you expect from us Be aware that you will not be able to drive yourself home from the office after the treatment or procedure has been completed. You will need to have someone to take you here and then back home again. It is natural to feel somewhat groggy afterward.

What is of greatest importance is that you do not continue to postpone the dentistry that can preserve or restore injured or damaged teeth or gums. You only get one set of adult teeth, after all, and to risk them unnecessarily would be a shame. Now you can come in without any hesitation because you know you will be taken care of by our sedation dentist in St. Charles. Contact our office to book an appointment.

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