Kids Dentist St Charles

Early childhood cavities in St Charles

Kids dentist St Charles

Kids dentist St Charles

Our kids dentist St. Charles can keep your child’s teeth strong and free of decay and the resulting cavities, but your help is needed. Working as a team, we at Pro Dental Concepts and you will put the odds in your child’s favor to maintain optimal dental health.

While the same causes and effect that leads to adult cavities also applies to children, there are more potential consequences for them and so greater attention must be given. This is especially so during the time before permanent (adult) teeth grow in. Your child’s primary (baby) teeth are not just placeholders. They are vital for his or her ability to chew food and to develop speech. And if they do not stay in long enough to fall out on their natural schedule, the result can be less room for permanent teeth, as the primary ones that remain shift and create obstacles. Our kids dentist St. Charles can assure you that the consumption of sugar is at the top of the list of causes when it comes to pediatric dental decay. Do your best to limit it, and to look for hidden sources in her or his diet, such as condiments and salad dressings. Sugar is a catalyst for the formation of plaque, the film-like bacteria that erodes tooth enamel to cause cavities. Prevention begins with brushing and flossing daily, so that most of the plaque can be washed away. What remains turns to hardened tartar, though, so a visit to our office every six months is vital. Our kids dentist St Charles needs to perform a teeth cleaning to get rid of the tartar and prevent future cavities. Fluoride treatments and sealants, treatments available here, can be very helpful, too, so please ask about them.

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