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Dental implants in St Charles

At Pro Dental Concepts our St. Charles dentist practices cosmetic and restorative dentistry as well as general dentistry in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Although many people are missing teeth, thanks to advances in dental technology, dental implants allow patients to once again have a full set of teeth. Dental implants replace missing teeth in a more permanent way by providing a stable and durable anchor for an artificial tooth to be placed over, creating a durable and real artificial tooth.

St. Charles dentist

Implants are the perfect solution to replacing teeth. Our St. Charles dentist implants small posts made from titanium directly into the bone of the jaw. Once implanted, these titanium posts are stronger than the natural root of a tooth, being durable and never in need of a root canal or filling.  Implants also help maintain the shape of the jawline and can greatly improve facial aesthetics by filling in the jawline. Empty spaces in the jaw can create gaps and holes, which warp the jawline over time as it begins to sink in, and implants help to fill this back.

Implants can be completed by our St. Charles dentist in one to two surgical procedures at our offices. Afterwards, a healing period of two to three months is given, so the implant can fuse to the jawbone. During this time a diet of soft foods should be eaten in order to protect the implant site. Once the site is healed and the artificial tooth installed the patient can go back to eating foods they enjoy again. Many patients are extremely happy with implants, as they allow them to chew better and eat all different kinds of foods once again. For more information on how implants can change your life, call our offices today. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you schedule an appointment, learn more about implants, or answer questions.

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