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60174 best dentist

60174 best dentist

A toothache has a way of taking over. You can’t focus or think about much else because of the pain. Relief is your only goal. Fortunately, it’s also our goal here at Pro Dental Concepts. Our wide array of valuable dental services includes diagnosing, evaluating, and treating cavities, and doing so with the sense of urgency that it calls for.

Cavities, lost fillings, chipped and cracked tooth, and tooth infections are the most common reasons for developing a toothache. If the pain is mild to moderate, it is most likely not a tooth infection. Severe, sometimes excruciating, pain typically identifies bacteria having breached your tooth’s protective layers. In addition to pain, you may also experience sensitivity to foods and drinks that are hot or cold, gum tenderness, or discoloration of the tooth. Our 60174 best dentist will determine your treatment based on the diagnosis. For tooth infections, root canal therapy is the way to address the problem. Your pulp and nerve, down near the base of the tooth, have become damaged. A cavity will generally just need a filling, while a lost filling simply requires replacement. When your tooth is chipped or cracked, it exposes the nerve and that is often the cause of your toothache. A crown placed on top is the best method of managing it. Our 60174 best dentist needs to take impressions and send them to the dental lab to have one created that is a perfect fit for you, but a temporary one will be put in place to protect the tooth in the meantime. Less often, a jaw issue, like TMJ disorder; or a gum problem may be the source of your toothache. If so, the underlying condition will need to be treated in order to alleviate your tooth pain.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that trying to be tough and ride out the pain of a toothache is not a good idea. Contact us so that we can have you seen by our 60174 best dentist right away.

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